In ancient Egypt the scarab was a symbol of immortality, resurrection, transformation and protection.

The Ibogaine Experience

The ibogaine experience has been described as three distinct phases. In the first phase called “the onset phase” which occurs shortly after taking ibogaine (15 mins -1 hour) the visual and the physical perception of the body will start to change. Many guests begin to experience light tracers during this phase, and they also experience lowered coordination and feel the need to lie down.

The second phase (1-12 hours) is called “the waking dream state”. Guests will lie down, and usually become overwhelmed by the effects of the medicine. They experience hallucinations/visions, changes in emotions, changes in perception of their own body, time and space. Guests will start to feel heavier physically and usually describe the feeling as comforting, all while feeling as if they were sinking into their bed.

The hallucinogenic effects are very strong, but in most cases users are able to exit the visions by opening their eyes. When the eyes are shut again, the visions continue on from the point where they left off, or they’ll begin into a completely new vision. The majority of our guests prefer not to communicate during the waking dream state phase, but rather concentrate on their visions. Many guests also report their visions as being complete stories, which mean something to them, as if a higher power was helping them to achieve certain insights. Visions are often memories or events from their early childhood, and some believe that their visions are from past lives. The insights reached usually have to do with the guests past, their future, the meaning of life, the creation of humanity, the evolution of humanity, the animal world, or the universe. Many claim that they witnessed the big bang which assisted in the creation of Earth, or even the universe. The visions usually start to hinder after 4-5 hours.

Possible hallucinations/visions (but not limited to):

  • hearing African drums
  • hearing a buzzing which sounds like an Australian didgeridoo
  • seeing TV screens
  • Africans
  • Natives
  • animals
  • insects
  • reptiles
  • deceased people (who often look alive and are able to communicate)
  • flying above oceans
  • flying above cities
  • flying above forests
  • traveling through their own brain or DNA
  • seeing objects in intensive colors
  • seeing ancient geometric symbols
  • seeing and reading ancient scrolls

The third phase is often called “the cognitive phase” or “introspection phase”, which usually starts 8-12 hours after taking iboga/ibogaine. It seems that the body is asleep while the spirit is fully awake. This phase is characterized by an intellectual evaluation of earlier experiences in life and the choices made. For instance, if a certain choice seemed as the only solution at that point, the guest discovers that there were actually other alternatives. After the end of the third phase the guest is finally able to fall asleep for a few hours.

It’s not uncommon for a guest to say “I spoke to God’ and this is because when you ask yourself a question during a session, the answer you give yourself is so in-depth and so logical, that you can’t imagine it was actually you that thought of it. It’s said that with ibogaine you’re able to access parts of your brain that you were never able to access before. I’ll tell you right now that ibogaine isn’t for everyone, as it’s a very intense journey into your own mind, body, and soul, but I truly believe that everyone would benefit from it. Ibogaine can help you become more confident, take advantage of more opportunities, and reach more of your goals.

Note: there are many safety precautions that need to be known before taking Iboga or ibogaine. Please be careful and do not self administer ibogaine. Only use ibogaine with someone that possesses copious amounts of knowledge and experience. It’s important that your practitioner knows what to do if the unexpected were to occur.