Can I bring a loved one with me?

Yes, you may bring a friend or loved one to your session, but unfortunately guests aren’t permitted during ibogaine sessions.

Where are you located?

We’re located in Downtown Calgary high above the city. Our entire place is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows with amazing city views, and also mountain views.

What is the cost?

Ibogaine rates can fluxuate depending on the guests situation and their intentions. Please contact us to recieve a more detailed answer.

Kambo rates
1 session $100 CAD
3 session $250 CAD

5-MeO-DMT rates
1 session $40
2 sessions $60
3 sessions $80
4 sessions $100

Note: Kambo and 5-MeO-DMT are included with ibogaine treatment at no extra charge.

Is ibogaine safe?

Yes, when used appropriately with the experienced & responsible providers and when all exclusion criteria are met. Ibogaine can be dangerous if used alone, without medical pre-screening and without proper set, setting and preparation.

Do I need a passport to visit Canada?

Yes, you will need a passport to enter Canada.

Will a criminal record prevent me from entering Canada?

Yes, but it really depends on what you were charged with. I would contact Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) and ask them before booking flights.

How do I get to your healing house?

Sometimes going through customs can take awhile, so after you clear customs you will take a taxi or uber to our location. Taxi’s are usually around $40 CAD, but uber is cheaper.

How many people do you work with during each session?

During kambo and 5-MeO-DMT sessions we serve upwards of 3 people at one time, but they’re served back to back and not all at once. Going through an ibogaine session can be a very difficult experience mentally, physically, and emotionally. We prefer to not mix energies during this type of session, so we only offer one on one private sessions.

Whats the difference between iboga and ayahuasca?

Iboga and ayahuasca are similar only in that they are both visionary plant medicines.The each come from two different parts of the world. In West Africa, especially Gabon and Cameroon, Iboga is the central pillar of the spiritual practice ‘Bwiti’. Ayahuasca, found primarily in Peru and Brazil, is a brew that is consumed in a ceremonial setting under the guidance of a shaman. Each medicine has a unique spirit. Iboga is considered to be masculine while ayahuasca is considered feminine. Iboga shows things in a very blunt, stern way while ayahuasca can be gentle and comforting. More info here.

How do I know if iboga is right for me?

Trust your intuition. Iboga is not easy, you must be ready and willing to put in work to make changes.

What if I have a "bad trip"?

This is a concern for many, and understandably so. Fear and apprehension about the experience is healthy and normal. Iboga is a very strong medicine. It is very important that you trust and feel comfortable with your providers and environment so you can focus on your intention without distraction.

It is our belief that medicine like iboga do not produce “bad trips” only difficult ones. We all have elements of lightness but we also all have darkness inside. Truly knowing yourself is to know both sides. Ibogaine is intense but also comforting while it confronts us with our own darkness.

What are the side effects?

Short term side effects are most intense in the first stage of the treatment and tend to become milder as the trip progresses. Symptoms may include: anxiety, ataxia, nausea (espeically from movement) and cardiovascular effects (like palpitations). You may experience some of those symptoms or none of them. After the trip there can be so called “grey day” when some people feel tired but sleepless, some are anxious or angry as suppressed emotions continue to rise to the surface.

What I should bring with me?

Bring light and comfortable clothing, and anything used for daily hygene. You should NOT under any circumstances bring any opiates or drugs unless in special cases prescribed by your medical doctor.

In which languages do you operate?

English, Spanish, and Tagalog